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Some Information to Have Fun in Chartering a Yacht

The practical way to go sailing if you do not own a yacht, or even for those who own a yacht and yet want to sail somewhere using a different kind of boat, is to charter a yacht.

People are generally having financial difficulties nowadays, and for this reason, they are making yacht charter an option to have fun sailing. If you charter a yacht, you do not have to have a cash outflow, and evade maintenance costs and mooring fees.

The cost per person when chartering a yacht is similar when you are booked in a hotel, and normally we do not know this, but for the adventurous spirit, the cost of chartering a yacht offers more flexibility and participation in the activity.

Know that between a privately owned yacht and in chartering one, is that there is more high safety and equipment requirements to comply in chartering a yacht than owning one.

Special sailing clothes and boating equipment are generally included in the price when you charter the yacht. It is wise though to double check if these perks are provided or not in the price.

Generally, these yacht charter companies cater to both the novices, meaning those who have never been on board and experienced in a yacht, and to those experienced yachtsmen who know very well what they will be looking for in a yacht. Know that yacht charter companies offer various types of yachts from the small 20 foot racers up to the luxury yacht that is over 100 foot.

A charter yacht can be organized in various ways.

First is called the bare boat charter where skippers or the charterers provide their own qualified crew. This method is usually undertaken by families or groups going on holidays who are experienced sailors.

Another way is called the flotilla sailing and in this charter, there is an assigned skipper who is tasked by the charterer for the itinerary of each day of the flotilla, to take advice on anchorages, night moorings, and destination on where to go and see in the place of sailing.

Skippered yacht charter is another way to charter a yacht. In this method, the yacht charter company supplies the experienced skipper to sail with the crew of the charterer and helps them in the sailing.

Another way to charter a yacht is the so-called crewed yacht charter. In this method, the yacht charter company supplies everything, from the experienced skipper to the crew and they look after the charterers. Large luxury yachts are usually used in this way of chartering, and often a hostess and staff to pamper the visitors are included.

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